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Beethoven Serenade in D major Op. 25 for Flute, Violin and Viola 

Dvorak Cavatina from Miniatures Op 75a

Max Reger Serenade Op. 141a in G major for Flute, Violin and Viola

Shona Fenion, violin

Emily Hoyle, viola

Caroline Welsh, flute

This captivating programme, suspended clear of the ground without bass, is all sunlight and sparkling charm! Just what the doctor ordered for a wintery evening in December…

From Beethoven’s early and popular trio, via Dvorak’s Cavatina, with the flute serenading in the lead role here, to Reger’s late and unjustly neglected trio which we are delighted to share, this music is enchanting and full of joie de vivre. In the case of the Beethoven, youth provides the energy of hope and promise, in the case of Reger, a rush of creative energy as he is at last able to devote himself to composition full time, (although this bittersweet pleasure was to last barely a year before his untimely death). Dvorak’s little love song is a fleeting and innocent encounter between the two pieces.

The music is witty and ingenious, like laughter bubbling up in merry conversation, and all three players jostle for position, taking the lead, or sharing the accompanying roles with virtuosity and some sleight of hand. 

Come and revel in this feast of all things treble and alto, as we aim to show it’s not all about that bass!

Serenades...(standard ticket)
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